Fasano Punta del Este

Fasano Punta del Este

Fasano Restaurant brings a century of culinary tradition and experience to Punta del Este. With a focus on regional Italian cuisine and local dishes, it combines the natural beauty of Las Piedras with the refined gastronomy of the Fasano family. Nestled on one of the country’s highest peaks, the restaurant offers breathtaking views of the Uruguayan countryside and Maldonado river. The indoor dining room are sculpted on the rocks, adding to the location’s rustic charm to create a space that is in complete harmony with nature.



Phone: +598 4267-0000 WhatsApp: +598 4267-0000 E-mail: [email protected]

Working hours

Thursday to Saturday: from 8pm to 11pm


Cno. Cerro Egusquiza y Paso Del Barranco, S/N - La Barra

Punta del Este - Maldonado, Uruguai

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